Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Funny Things

Tonight I went through the drive-thru and got my older boys a milk shake after dinner for a treat.  Grayson has never seemed to notice or care when I hand them food in the car but tonight he seemed to know exactly what they were receiving and he was NOT happy that a cup was not coming his direction.  I let him have Mark's and he was in heaven.  I looked back at him in the car and it cracked me up the way he had a super grip on the cup and I look in his eye like "no way you are getting this cup back lady!".  He ended up giving it up a minute or so later when he gave himself a brain freeze from sucking it down so quickly.

I swear I am not even an ice cream person - and our kids don't get it that often - but this next story makes it seem like it is a regular activity.  On the weekend, Mark went to the store for a treat and brought home two new flavors of Ben & Jerry's ice cream (we got on a B & J's kick in the bahamas!).  Anyway, Davis saw them and asked if he could try it.  I gave him a spoonful out of the peanut butter cup tub.  I said, "what do you think that tastes like?"  He thought about it for a minute and then said, "ummm, mostly rocks . . . and . . . cows".  Huh???  Then I realized the crumbled peanut butter cups on the container kind of looked like rocks and the B & J's cow was standing on the peanut butter cups thus rocks and cows.  It cracked me up.  

Father's Day at Atlantis

"My Three Sons"
We celebrated Father's Day during the vacation.  Mark spent the morning golfing on one of the prettiest golf courses I have ever seen and then we met them for lunch at the country club.  Another big year for my hubby as a daddy . . . he rounded things out with a third son!  He has his hands full for sure.  The boys love their daddy very much and I am very grateful for him.  Davis gave Mark a card that he picked out from the store.  It was a John Deere tractor card (of course) and I helped him write "I love you" in the card himself for the first time.  He also wanted to write, "because I know you love tractors and thank you for playing with me, Love, Davis".  Parker stuck with coloring the outside of the envelope :)  I think that the thing about my husband as a father that I am most thankful for is his consistency and dedication to praying for the kids and the way that he is continually realizing his dependance on God to lead them and our family - a good example for me.

Our Trip to Atlantis

We took a very fun family vacation this summer to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  It was one of the best times that we have ever had on a vacation.  Davis said his highlight was finding sea shells and rocks on the beach.  Parker said his favorite part was going to 
the airport and going on an airplane (seriously?? not the highlight of the trip - trust me!).  If I had to choose for them I would say that they LOVED the pools.  We spent almost all day everyday in the different pools.  Even Grayson loved going in them because they had entries with very shallow water.  They had some kids water slides that were perfect for Davis an
d Parker and they were always disappointed when it was time to leave those to eat dinner.  Their cousins were there with us which always makes for an extra good time!  Troy too
k the boys up into an area near the ocean that had tide pools and Davis came back with about fifteen HUGE, living snails and one small fish (dead).  Parker still didn't like the beach this trip but Daddy was more than happy to take him to the pool and get away from the beach 

My very favorite day (among many) was the day we had a beach competition and then had lunch at the aquarium.   My mom put together a very fun set of games and obstacle courses on the beach including a sand castle contest.  We won!!  It was great fun.  Then we went to lunch.  They have some really amazing aquariums at the resort and we ate in a room that was a solid view into the aquarium on one whole side of the room.  It was so beautiful and super fun for the kids.  It was a great day!  My mom put the whole trip together and she did an amazing job.
Above the boys are looking into the aquariums and below they are standing above the shark tank.  
The crew looking for treasure on the beach.
We also had an opportunity to take the boys swimming with a dolphin which was the neatest experience for them.  It was better than other dolphin swims Mark and I have done in the past.  The kids got to be standing in pretty shallow water with the dolphin for a long time and they each got to feed her a fish. 
Great, great pools . . . the highlight of the trip for sure.  They also had a lazy river which was so much fun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Parker . . .

My kids love to read the book "I love you to the moon and back".  Davis will often use lines from that book in a sweet way.  Parker has picked up his own version and tells me many times a day "I love you all the way to Kara's house!"  In his little world that is the furthest place he knows.  Parker loves his cousin and is wishes he could see her more often - and I love how sweet this little boy is to me!!  Also, when we took the boys to Rawhide there was a live country singer in the restaurant and then outside by a little dance floor area.  Parker was mesmerized by the music and sat staring at the singer for most of the meal.  Outside, he asked to dance with me.  I hope he always wants to dance with him momma.  He is super precious.  I love this kid!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Early Father's Day at Rawhide

Rawhide on the train (why didn't someone tell us to take off our HUGE sunglasses:)
Amy and Callie on the train - it is a toss up whether Amy or Davis had more fun at Rawhide

We took my boys and my in-laws to Rawhide on Saturday night to celebrate Father's Day early with Buzz.  Dinner at the steakhouse was great and the boys had a blast out there riding the train, getting some special polished rocks, riding the pretend horse and enjoying some time outside while it is still so beautiful out for June in AZ.
All three boys riding the electronic wagon - Grayson looks thrilled :)
My father-in-law is great.  I have been really blessed with some amazing in-laws.  There are a couple of things about Buzz that I am particularly thankful for:  the way he loves my boys and pursues a sweet relationship with them, the way he serves my family and so many others in a very selfless way, the way that he leads in many areas of his life with a unique quiet strength, and the godly example he sets for the most important men in my life.  I hope that he felt honored this Father's Day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Davis . . .

I know that I have mentioned before that Davis heard someone whistle and then came home and tried and tried for weeks until he could whistle.  He mastered it and likes to impress people with his whistle.  Well, probably about a week ago he decided he wanted to wink.  He practices all the time and will ask, "is this it . . . do I have one eye open and one eye closed?"  He has gotten pretty good at it and is quite proud.  It absolutely cracks me up when he uses it.  For example, I will be making lunch at the stove and hear him walking behind me so I glance back at him and he just gives me a cheesy smile and winks at me, like "hey, how you doin'".  Or he will say, "I'm gonna go downstairs now, want to come with me . . . (wink, wink)".  The other day at the table I told him to keep his feet under the table while he ate.  He could tell I was watching him to make sure they stayed that way so he turned and gave me a wink.  It is seriously hilarious!

One more funny Davis story:  
I told Davis that I would take him to the mall with me when the little boys went to sleep, but that he could not come if he decided to brag about it to Parker.  Later in the basement, I could tell he was thinking about saying something . . . 
Me:  Davis, please remember if you say even one little thing, then I am not going to take you with me.  Please don't make a mistake because you won't get a second chance.
Davis:  (without even a pause to think) But Daddy gave you a second chance when you made a mistake and crashed the car . . . 
Me:  (laughing) yes he did - but this wouldn't be an accident because I am reminding you!!!

(I rear-ended someone a couple days ago with the boys in the car . . . awesome . . . kid doesn't miss a beat!)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friends from Kentucky

Kentucky LANE, that is!  At our old house, on Kentucky Lane, we became good friends with our very kind neighbors the Morses.  Davis has been playing with these sweet girls since he could walk.  They have gotten so much older in the last 3 1/2 years and we have added two more little boys but they still love to see one another.  They used to play almost everyday.  We have only seen them a couple of times since we moved, but Davis talks about them like they are family and really gets excited to see them.  Anna is so sweet to Parker and she graciously lets him drag her around and pretends to be so excited over his 2-yr-old boy toys.  I'm grateful that they are good friends.  While they were eating lunch, I heard Clara ask Davis if she would "remember her name even when he was 100 years old".  Davis said, "Of course I will ridiculous!"  I thought that was very sweet.  I hope we get the opportunity to continue to watch the girls grow up.   

Grayson getting big

This is several weeks overdue, but such is the fate of a third born I suppose.  I took Grayson in for his nine month appointment in May.  He weighed in at 20 lbs 4 oz (50%) and 28.5 inches tall (70%).  He is definitely less of a chunky monkey these days, but he has retained those chubby cheeks (my genes Grayson, I'm so sorry).  He only gained a pound from 6 months to 9 months.  I am convinced it is because he is moving all over the place these days.  He is always on the move.  He can crawl like a speedy little bug, but no real effort to walk.  He does the stand and cruise thing but no interest in branching out on his own - which I am FINE with by the way!  He likes to try "people food" more than my other boys did at his age.  He wants anything that he sees us eating at the table so I let him try it.  So far, he has gotten super excited about a peanut butter sandwich (WOW was he excited) and he also went after some grilled chicken pretty eagerly.  I don't see him eating jarred food much longer.  He would rather have the real thing.  He is such a little love.  He can look at me and get the biggest smile and I would do just about anything for the kid.  
I was trying to find shorts in his size in my many bins of recycled boy clothing and I found him these little black tennis shoes that were Davis' (Parker never got to wear them b/c they were his size when he was about three months old - huge feet on P).  Anyway, Grayson was super excited to put shoes on and look like his brothers.  You could tell he felt quite big.  When I took this picture it almost made me want to cry . . . he looks almost toddler-like.  I love this little guy so much.  I am pretty sure he will always be my baby.  

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Mark!

Mark's birthday was actually last week (I've been a bad blogger).  We celebrated by spending the night at the Valley Ho hotel in Scottsdale.  We didn't really do anything specific - but it was SO fun!!  We haven't spent an extended period of time together without the boys in a long while.  We just had a great time bumming around together, ordering a movie to our room, and eating dessert late at night.  I HIGHLY recommend it:)  Of course I didn't take any pictures-bummer.
The next day we met my family for lunch at Grimaldi's.  Yummy pizza and the kids had a great time together of course.

Opening presents with the boys