Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breakfast with the Ducks

On one of the last beautiful mornings in May, we walked to the research park to eat breakfast and feed the ducks. The boys liked to be outside by the lake but apparently the ducks are so overfed that they weren't that interested in the bread that I brought for them. I don't know whether I had a harder time keeping Parker away from the tossed bread crumbs or getting the ducks to seem interested. Either way, it was a sweet time to enjoy the gift of a beautiful morning that God had given us and watch the boys chase each other around in the grass.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Zoo Trip

In May we took another trip to the zoo with Davis and Parker's Grammie. The zoo membership has actually gone to use the last couple of months. It is the end of May and my kids are actually dressed in sweatshirts! The weather has been beautiful for AZ is May. Davis' favorites are the zebras and the elephants. Parker LOVES the little monkey exhibit that you can enter. He gets so excited to watch the little monkeys walk across those lines over his head. Of course, the biggest hit is the merry-go-round which we always hit on our way out. I thought it was sweet that Davis was actually completely excited to "smell the roses" with his Grammie. If she would not have been there, he never would have wanted to spend so much time at the rose garden. Davis can definitely read and play-to his audience :)