Thursday, November 27, 2008

SO Thankful

This is really just a "post for me" so I can remember a small moment in time.  
I just got finished putting the boys to bed - it is late after a long Thanksgiving day.  This was the small, but so sweet, exchange between Davis and Parker tonight:
Parker found a red screwdriver in his room when I took him in there and Davis has been looking for it all day.
Parker:  Day-day screwdriver . . wan it . . gi it to him.
(we take it in Davis' room)
Davis:  THANK YOU Parker!  Where was it?
P:  my room
D:  I need to give you a big kiss.
(I take Parker back in his room to finish laying him down and Davis stays in his bed but I hear him yell)
D:  Good night Parker - I love you VERY much.
P:  nigh nigh Day-day lu you
D: I love you too Parky.

It literally melted my heart.  What in this world could I possibly be more thankful for than those sweet little boys who love each other?  God seems to always give me the sweetest ending to a day that is particularly chaotic.  

(As a side note, since I know my sister-in-law who I love :)  will read this - yes D will randomly call P "parky" and it makes me crazy - gotta find a new nickname :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What was I thinking?

I had this picture in my head last night that we would have a special family time putting the ornaments on the Christmas tree.  I made chocolate cupcakes (my choice after choosing not to make hot chocolate) to make it extra special for the boys.  I thought . . . I'll give them their bath, put them in their jammies and then we will have treats together.  When Parker got done and I was using multiple wet paper towels to clean his hands, clothes, face and even digging frosting out of his nose I thought to myself . . really . . . why did I CLEAN my kids to give them chocolate frosting???  You would think I would have seen this coming.  They didn't go to bed looking bathed but we had fun.  (For the record, Davis ate his in a much cleaner fashion - no surprise there)

Play Time

Grayson is getting so playful.  He really enjoys his play gym - particularly the jingly elephant.  He grabs the little animals with his hands and gets so excited when he makes them make noise.  It is so fun to watch his little face light up and get more responsive to us.  Sunday night he was even laughing at me when I was pulling him up with his fingers.  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tagged - by Sarah Martin

Technically the Sixth Photo

I got tagged by Sarah and I think that I too am supposed to post the sixth picture in my sixth album.  (I posted picture "seven" too - cheating I know but I like the close up the best)  I haven't had this computer very long so the picture isn't that old but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is one of my favorites pictures.  This is from March of 08.  Eli, Davis and TJ had a special day with Grandma and Papa - here they are at a train park.  It is so sweet to me because I know how much Davis LOVES his cousins and I can see it in his face in this pictures.  I am thankful everyday when I pray for my boys that they have such loving cousins and "built-in" best friends.  I pray for them that they would not only be close friends for life but also brothers in Christ who encourage one another in their faith throughout their lives.  A day does not go by that one of my boys doesn't ask to play with their cousins.  Such sweet boys.

I tag Melissa Johnson, Theresa Caruso and Jenn Saylor (come on . . . do it Jenn)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh Davis

Last week Mark had to go to Duncan, AZ (where his family is from) for a funeral.  Off the cuff, Mark said to Davis "I'm going to Duncan, you can come if you want".  That was all Davis needed to hear.  I don't know what was funnier - how fast Davis had a bag of tools packed and was standing in the garage - or how shocked Mark was that Davis was so willing to go.  Despite Mark's concerns, they had a great time together.  I am so grateful for the short, but sweet time they spent in Duncan.  I asked Davis was the best part was and he said "my new tool box and sleeping with Daddy".  They slept in the same bed which I'm sure was Davis' dream scenario.  Mark said Davis was a great passenger in the car and I think they really had a special time together.

Another funny story:
After Bible Study Fellowship on Thursday Melissa was trying to talk to Davis about what he learned.  (We are studying the life of Moses - specifically the 10 Commandments last week)

Melissa:  Davis what did you learn about today.
Davis:  Moses
M:  What happened to Moses, did he get some commandments?  How many were there?
D:  There were forty!
M:  Forty - are you sure there weren't ten?
D:  Nope, there were forty!
M:  Commandments are like rules.  You know rules . . do you have rules at your house?
D:  Oh yes, we have them.  I LOVE them with icing on them.  I love "rolls" (sweet rolls).  

Most of the time - he is more eager to talk about what he learned in class - oh well.  Associations to food - a child after my own heart!

Three Months Old

On the 13th of November, Grayson was three months old.  I feel like time is passing by so fast and I am trying to slow it down as much as possible.  I definitely can already tell how the "baby complexes" come into play when you know that your little one is the last baby.  I just want to feel like I am actually experiencing and remembering this blessing as much as possible and sometimes the craziness of life doesn't allow it.  I love this little baby even though he is not as little as I would like.  He is already 15 pounds - which I know because he already had his first ear infection of the cold season.  He is wearing 6-9 months clothing and so now you understand why I feel like my baby is getting big WAY to fast.  About four nights ago he finally found his thumb - which I am not a fan of - so I came up with the idea putting socks on his hands which has forced him to give in and take his pacifier - Yeah!  This has made car rides so much more pleasant.  All in all, he is a very happy, sweet little boy.  His brown eyes are huge and they follow the noise of his brothers around the room which is so cute.  He smiles and talks to us all the time - Davis loves that.  Both boys are big helpers and love their little brother. 

Lions and Tigers and Bears . . . Oh My!

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Aunt Amy took Davis out for a "special day" at the zoo.  I'm sure he loved being by himself with his aunt.  He got to pick out something from the gift shop so he brought home these masks for he and Parker.  When Parker woke up from his nap, Davis ran in his room with the Tiger mask on and despite my efforts to beat him to the crib, Parker was about to climb the walls when he caught sight of Davis.  After he realized the fun, he was eager to be a little Giraffe. . . . anything Davis thinks is cool, Parker is all over it.

A Night Out

Carrie Underwood - That's right - I voted her into American Idol greatness :)
First of all, I have not been able to log-in to my blog for weeks and had no idea why.  I happened to mention this to my friend Jen yesterday and she said "you didn't try to open a Hallmark postcard did you?".  Okay - so I tried to open and download that email like fifty times - literally.  My mother-in-law sends those kinds of cards to my kids all the time so I was sure that that was what it was but it was in fact a VIRUS.  I am retarded.  Well, it is all deleted now so I appear to be back in business . . . thank goodness!

Back in the first weekend in November, my sister took me to see Carrie Underwood for my birthday.  I know . . Carrie Underwood . . American Idol - but I love her.  The show was fun to watch but mostly I had a great time with my sister!  For a few hours, it was almost reminiscent of driving around in my old Honda, playing loud country music and singing all the "right" words (right Liss:).  I can't remember the last time we did something just for fun without any little boys along.  I have been blessed with such an amazing sister and best friend.  It was a great time.  

Monday, November 3, 2008


My sweet little baby slept through the night last night (7:30 pm to 6:45 am)!!  This might not seem blog-worthy to some but for my boys this is a RECORD!!  I cut off feeding Davis every 2 1/2 to 3 hours through the night when he was 9 months old and Parker was 6 months old.  I'm not claiming this is forever or anything but a whole night at 2 1/2 months old . . . hooray.  

Davis' New Pad

I have been wanting to decorate Davis' room since we moved into this house because his room was big and stark white.  I have had lots of ideas but no time to get anything done.  My husband very graciously helped me tape (for hours, leveling, leveling, leveling) and paint the room yesterday.  I still have more to do but his main wall looks great.  He loves it!  

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Mark carving his pumpkin
Mark's Pumpkin - "The Scariest"
Carving with Dad
Davis was Bob the Builder
Swiper the Fox with Aunt Amy
Jack Kronwald (Tigger), Parker (Swiper), Eli & TJ (Knights), Logan (Porcupine), Davis (Bob)

The night before Halloween we got together with all of my cousins and their kids to carve pumpkins at my mom's house.  The kids all wore their costumes for pictures and the adults did the carving.  I have to vote Logan as the cutest costume.  That little porcupine was so sweet.  Parker was a close second in his very cool costumes that was a raccoon my mom made into Swiper!  It was a great time.