Saturday, August 30, 2008

Getting So Big

I just want him to stay little forever but he is getting so big. He hasn't been back to the doctor, so I don't have any numbers but I can tell in his little clothes that he is getting big fast. I told Mark the other night that I just want to stare at him all day so that I can soak up how sweet it is to have a little baby. I know that they are great fun when they get bigger too but I love having this little one and will be sad when he stops looking like an infant. He is 2 1/2 weeks old and still sleeping mostly in the daytime. He seems pretty mellow (knock on wood) and is by far my best eater. He does look around for his brothers' voices when he is awake during the day - maybe because he is trying to figure out what crazy zoo he has been born into - but I'd like to believe it is because he loves them so much.
I love yawning pictures - and the little white tongue.

Grayson in his very cute bed - Thank you Grandma! I wish he loved it in here as much as he is pretending to right now.

A Screwy Playdate

Davis had Michael Caruso over to play last week. When they were here, the boys had a great time playing with Davis tools. They moved furniture in his room to set up a tool shop and they ran around telling each other "Come on, time to get to work" as they 'fixed' things around the basement. When they were leaving, Davis yelled to Michael, "Thanks for screwing with me, Michael". It was so funny - it still makes me laugh when I think about it.


My sister has joked that my kids are an Oreo . . . two dark ones with a whitey in the middle.
A lady from the City of Chandler came by with a welcome basket the other day (a very nice gesture by the way). I happened to be holding Grayson so she was asking me how old and how things were going and what not. Theresa was here with her boys so Parker and Ryan come upstairs and stand at my feet and she gives me this look like "there are too many children here under the age of two - tell me they are not all yours". I tell her, "Oh, these aren't both mine, I have a friend over". She points to Parker and says, "Oh that makes sense, I knew THAT kid could not be yours". I guess Ryan looked more like my son than Parker. Not the first time people have thought Parker wasn't mine! Good thing he is a dead ringer for his daddy.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My First Born and His Twin

I couldn't resist posting this after looking through the pictures. It is definitely confirmed - Grayson looks very much like his older brother. If I don't write who is who on the back of pictures, I don't know if I would be able to tell. They even make some of the same "newborn grimace" type expressions. That is so weird. I am sure Grayson's look will continue to change but I am sure he will always be easily identified as Davis' little brother. Can you tell who is who? (Obviously the last two are Davis - as the other kids aren't present :)

First Day of Reality

Today Mark went back to work and it is officially the first day of "normal" life. It has had moments of feeling okay but in reality I have definitely struggled with patience way too often today. My boys were much happier with Dad home to entertain them while I feed Grayson. Thirty minutes of nursing while refereeing the two older boys has been the biggest challenge. I am grateful that they love their brother and when they are in the mood, Davis and Parker both want to hold him and love him. I could stare at Grayson all day. I share my brother-in-law's sentiment that if they stayed just like this and never learned to talk back I could probably have ten of them!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Welcome Grayson Mark Filleman

On August 13, at 8:35 am we welcomed our new precious little boy Grayson Mark Filleman. He weighed 8 lbs 10 ounces and was 20 inches long. I am sure he will continue to change, but we think he resembles both of the older boys in some ways. He was very alert when he was born and continues to be the most alert newborn I have had. I guess it is hard not to be alert with two crazy older brothers. Davis and Parker came to see him later that morning are are still facinated by their new brother. Davis is acting very "big" and Parker is acting a little bewildered. I am sure we will settle into a routine around here soon. It is good to be home and be together as a family. Thank you for thinking of us and praying for us. This new little life God has entrusted to us has made both Mark and I very overwhelmed with God's goodness and our need for His grace. We are so thankful for our friend Laurie for taking such good care of us again and are thankful for all of the family that was able to come down and see us the day he was born. A special thanks to my brother Matt who got robbed of his credit for getting up at 5 am to actually be there when Grayson was born. Thanks brother :) Enjoy the pictures.

Happy Birthday Grayson!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Internet Returns

I have been without an internet connection for almost three weeks now and I can't believe how often it was an inconvenience.  Beside the fact that I couldn't read blogs or blog (one of my favorite "downtime" activities) I would find myself needing to check things all the time - even just a phone number or follow up with people about small group and realized I didn't have the internet to go to as I normally would.  
All that to say, I am glad that it is back up and working.  I am also glad to say that we are moved in and somewhat settled in the new house pre-baby.  The boys adjusted to the new home almost immediately.  It was weird to me that when we got all of 'our' things inside this foreign house, it really felt like being home.  The boys love their room and their love their playroom even more.  For at least the first week I had to be right with them in whatever area they were playing in, but now they will wander down and play by themselves or go find things to do with toys they act like they have never seen before.  The transition has really been pretty easy.  No baby news yet, but we will post to the blog if anything happens.  I am still pretty much in denial mode that we are having a baby this week.

Cute things from lately that I don't want to forget:
Davis found an unsharpened pencil (a yellow one - even better) and wanted to be able to use it.  He said, "Can you make this pencil bloom so that I can write with it".  It was so cute to me that he associated getting the lead out of the wood with a flower blooming.  I love to see their minds work in a way that is so perceptive yet innocent.  
We ate dinner last night with some friends after church at Fuddruckers.  It was not the first time that we had ever been there by any means, but Davis had a FABULOUS time with his friends.  He has literally talked about it ALL DAY LONG today.  He tells random people at the store or on the phone that he loves Fuddruckers, he has asked me literally at least forty times "what is that place called that I love last night?" even though I am certain he knows the answer, and he wanted to draw a picture of it - he described things about the restaurant in detail so that we could include them in the drawing.  
Two Sunday's ago, Mr. B was Davis' Sunday school teacher - and I hear from him the Mr. B plays the guitar.  Not only does he love the guitar and singing part of his class, but they taught them the song "Praise Him, Praise Him all ye little children" and Davis loves it.  I hear him singing it to himself and to his brother all the time.  He wants to sing it together every night before bed.  It is very sweet.
Parker pretty much has no idea that his whole world is about to be turned upside down, but I was watching the boys the other day and Parker was bringing Davis things he likes "here go DayDay" and then he climbed up next to him on the couch and laid on his shoulder.  Moments like this are rare between my usually crazy boys and I was thankful for the reassurance that Parker knows the love of his family from more than just me.  The relationship between the boys is becoming very sweet and also playful and fun.