Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playing in Pinetop

We spent most of Davis' fall break in Pinetop with my parents and the Johnsons. The kids had a great time up there and it made me very excited for the day that my parents' cabin will FINALLY be done being remodeled. We spent almost all of our family vacations in Pinetop as kids and so something about being up there with my kids is just very fun for me.
Parker quickly mastered doing a flip over the jungle gym bars and was very proud of his accomplishment. Davis found some very cool creatures including grasshoppers, (Eli's) praying mantis, and a tarantula. I'm pretty sure that that tarantula was regretting the path it took to land itself around my kids who chased it around and got great enjoyment out of putting sticks in its path to make it hiss at them.

First Field Trip

They got to special order a cookie design from the bakery. I'm pretty sure that he chose a star because he saw that kids that had stars had more frosting than those who chose things like a smiley face :) Smart kid!
The highlight for him was seeing the deli man pull a lobster out of the case and feed it a shrimp. My boys love that 12"x 12", nasty tank of Lobsters at the grocery store so to get a first hand experience with the lobsters was very fun for him.
I got to be a chaperone parent on the first kindergarten field trip to the grocery store and the library. They all had a great time together. It is always fun for me to be in the school environment with Davis and get a glimpse into how he interacts with others in his classroom environment. I felt like he hung pretty close to me during the grocery store part of the tour but by the time we got to the library he was wondering around with his friends some more. Davis loves the library and is very proud to know have his own library card. He chose two fire truck books. He told me the other day that he really like reading books about true things, like his Bible Story book or this kids news magazine that we get from the school, more than other story books.