Sunday, September 3, 2017

Family 2011 Memories

How many cute boys can we cram in a sand hole??  At least four.  

In September we headed back to the beach with the Johnsons and Carusos. 

Big boys on the beach

We took the boys to the base on the day that they open it up to families and residents.  It was fun to see all the planes, ships and get faces painted of course. 

Three boys on a missile! yikes

On the fireplace in Pinetop.  

Davis and grandma in Pinetop

Golf course snuggles.

Grayson loves Papa. 

Halloween 2011 we had a Storm Trooper, Thundercats and Elmo.  He found that Elmo costume at Target when we were shopping. He pulled it on and didn't want to take it off.  So Elmo it was!

In december we went to Vegas to celebrate Liss' 30th birthday.  So much fun and memories with best of friends. 

Parker's Christmas performance at school. Oh Grayson . . . can't just stand up still.

Dressed up for the Sturgeon Christmas party. 

Christmas morning at Billie's 

Christmas morning stockings. 

Snow trip with the Johnsons and the first time these sweet boys got on skis. 

Snowman by the lake with cousins. 

I love this picture because this is a "normal" morning.  Three little boys climbing up in my bed.  Maybe with a show, maybe with a book, maybe with a thundercats sword - you can't tell. 

Biking with April in AK in the summer. 

Fourth of July parade with Grandma and Papa.

summer in Coronado

Beach best friends. Posing 

This is more like it!

Love love love beach boys and beach smiles. 

Dinner in AK with cousins. 

Gram hanging out at our house. 

First field trip with Davis to see a play in downtown phoenix. 

Happy birthday Granddad.  

PreK field trip to the pumpkin patch. 

Halloween family pictures.  We took the boys to a harvest festival at a church down the street for an extra night to wear the costumes. 

Blanket burritos.  My favorite way to snuggle them up. 

A christmas picture with Santa that is always memorable because Davis' bruised face was still so out of control 

Skiing together. 

Family picture in front of the glacier in AK

Alaska at the creek by the johnson house. 

My beach hikers. Doing what we love. 

Grayson's 2011 Memories

Grayson was just getting ready to turn 3 at the end of summer 2011.  He is precious, happy and hanging pretty close to Momma these days.  He loves digging in the sand in Coronado. 

Puppy ears in the snow in Pineotp. 

First time at the circus with the Caruso clan. 

Snuggling on a ride with momma at Sea World. 

Sea Port village adventures. 


My little Alaska bike buddy.  While the big boys went camping, Grayson went biking with Aunt April and me. 

Beach all day - everyday in the summer. 

Hiking in CA.