Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy 36th Birthday, Mark

There were multiple birthday celebrations for Mark this year, but we spend his actual bday in Alaska with family. April and I made his favorite cake - Banana Spice (Gram Boyd special). Probably wasn't as good as Gram's but it did the job. I'm very grateful for all of his 36 years but especially the last 9 birthdays that he has been with me :) Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband and best friend - we all love you very much.

First Lost Tooth

The first day we were in Alaska, Davis literally "lost" his first tooth (might actually be a milestone I'll remember since he lost it on Mark's birthday). It has been dangling for weeks. He has been asking me to pull it but the thought of that brings forward the panic of my own loose teeth as a child so no tooth pulling for me - at least this round. He came inside for dinner and I looked at him and realized it was missing. He had no idea when it had fallen out but he had been in the front yard. My husband was committed to finding his first lost tooth. I thought he efforts in the front yard were hopeless but sure enough he found the thing. I hope in twenty years Davis is super glad that we saved his first lost tooth :) He looks very big and was excited to show people his new smile.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

These aren't in order as I am blog-uploading challenged. May 26th we celebrated Davis' Kindergarten Graduation. The morning started with the K-4th grade awards so we got to see Eli's class also.
Davis looking so big in his graduation hat :)

Davis with his teacher Mrs. Shelberg - she really gave Davis a wonderful first year of school. He love her class and learned a ton.
The requested Angry Birds cupcakes
Class picture
Family picture - Grayson is incapable of standing normal :)
With Grammie and Granddad (he was all done with my requested pics)
With Grandma and Gram
All the boy cousins after the awards and grad ceremony

Getting his award in the all school part of the program. His teacher selected fruits of the Spirit that she saw in the kids. Davis received an award for kindness. She said that he was very kind to her and others in the classroom. So proud of him.
Singing in the kindergarten program
In the program with his friend Connor
In the program with his friend Zoe

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Water Day

The last week of school was filled with lots of fun things for the Kindergarten class. One day they had water day with water slides, spash pools, water guns, water ballon races, slip-n-slide, and popsicles. So fun! Parker and Grayson got to stay and join the fun.

This is the entire Kindergarten class in the play pool :)

Davis' friend Zoe
Parker and his buddy Emet
Davis popping a water balloon in a race with his friend David

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day we celebrated with my family after church for brunch and later in the evening with Billie for dinner. I love getting to spend the day with my most favorite moms in the world and of course with the sweet boys that make me a mommy.

Ok, so this is actually an easter photo but we failed at taking a picture on Mother's Day. Close enough! Me, my mom, my Gram and my sister = I love these women. Such amazing examples of godly moms for me to follow.

My mother-in-law with Parker and Grayson. Another amazing mom in my life. I can't imagine being a mom without the encouragement, love and support of my mom and Billie.
Me and my boys. I love these little men so much. I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't thank God that He made me their mom and ask Him to help me be faithful to the huge responsibility of caring for them and shepherding their hearts - one of the most rewarding things in my life!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lego Club and Other Fun School Stuff

Davis got to participate in the Lego club at school this year. They met every other Thursday and built different projects and competed with other friends. He had a great time. Eli, TJ, Parker and Davis were all able to join. Legos are pretty much the single best activity for Davis these days so a club at school was very fun for him.

While the boys were in club, Grayson and I often went to my favorite Coffee Bean for a green tea/chocolate frosty thing date. He is so sweet in one-on-one time. I love this little boy.
One time per semester the Home based learning day is planned by the mom instead of the normal curriculum for the day. This semester one of the moms arranged for us to take a class at the Mac store. Davis was proud that he could already get through the basic computer mechanics and the teacher taught them to make a DVD of a photo slide show. He made a show of our trip to Disneyland.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christmas Day

Sadly, I do not have a single photo of Christmas Eve which is the day we spent with the Filleman side of the family - so those will come after I steal them from my father-in-laws camera :)
I love Christmas and my husband and boys all love Christmas. It is very fun and full of memories. The boys had lots of memories this years of traditions we have been establishing and I really enjoy seeing them excited about things they remember from the previous year. We do an advent calendar counting down to Christmas each day in December and it is a favorite. Parker also checked his stocking every morning after we hung them up. He tried to be all sly about it but I would watch him come in the kitchen for breakfast and just tap the outside of his stocking to see if it was empty. So precious.
Christmas morning the boys were very excited to open their stockings. Our tradition is to do stockings and one gift from Mom and Dad at home before heading out to the other houses of family.

If Grayson looks a little bewildered it is because his brothers woke him up after they couldn't wait any longer. He doesn't know quite what the commotion is about just yet!
Parker in his new cowboy get-up. This boys loves to dress up and really loves cowboy stuff.
Sweet buddies in their matching Christmas jams. Two months later I can hardly pull Parker out of these "kitty" jams and he has worn a hole in the bottom of the slippers.
Sporting their new Alaska jammies on Christmas night. They were missing the AK Johnson cousins!!!
Obligatory family picture at Gram's house.

Matt and Nicci looking a whole lot more pulled together than the rest of us. We shall see if they look that nice in a couple years when they have to drag babies out of the house on Christmas morning . . . . :)
All kinds of cousin happiness at Grandma and Papa's house!!! When it was all said and done the boys had a very fun day. Really the routine of spending two days out of the house is just getting easier and easier and much more fun. Davis was super excited about his Lego Police station and his new DS. Parker wanted a pillow pet more than his next breath and he got one so he was thrilled. Grayson couldn't quite process everything but enjoyed lots of new things - probably in particular his new Megablocks dump truck.

Random December Happenings

As I type, this is very old news but Phoenix actually did get snow this year and my kids thought it was very cool. It melted before it hit the ground but the clouds were impressive and the flurries were very fun. Obviously the snow on the ground behind Parker is not the product of that storm. My Gram's neighborhood did a thing for the kids were they covered the Community Center's parking lot with snow so I took the kids down to see it. It is sad when this is your children's first snow experience but we are hoping to fix that in the next couple of weeks.
Nonetheless, they thought it was novel and fun to see snow on the ground and play in it. Parker kept asking if he could lay in it and make a "sand angel" - haha - desert boys!
This is either documentation that I am old and boring or a really cool picture. My blog so I vote that it is a cool picture. These were the awesome clouds that eventually produced snow. They don't look as impressive in a photo but really it was cool to see how you could tell just by looking that it was going to be a crazy storm.
Little boys loving each other in the mall play center while Mark and I took turns Christmas shopping.
And sadly, the last iPhone picture is a commentary on the illness that struck our family in December and January both. My boys have really had a bad run with colds this season. This was a night in the ER after Grayson had had a fever of over 103 even 5 days after antibiotics. He was so sick that he slept through the long 3 hour waiting room process (and it wasn't even that late in the evening). The verdict was he was resistant to the strong antibiotics he was on for a bad case of strep so it did nothing and he just got worse. New drugs=healthy happy baby!! Yeah.