Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

These aren't in order as I am blog-uploading challenged. May 26th we celebrated Davis' Kindergarten Graduation. The morning started with the K-4th grade awards so we got to see Eli's class also.
Davis looking so big in his graduation hat :)

Davis with his teacher Mrs. Shelberg - she really gave Davis a wonderful first year of school. He love her class and learned a ton.
The requested Angry Birds cupcakes
Class picture
Family picture - Grayson is incapable of standing normal :)
With Grammie and Granddad (he was all done with my requested pics)
With Grandma and Gram
All the boy cousins after the awards and grad ceremony

Getting his award in the all school part of the program. His teacher selected fruits of the Spirit that she saw in the kids. Davis received an award for kindness. She said that he was very kind to her and others in the classroom. So proud of him.
Singing in the kindergarten program
In the program with his friend Connor
In the program with his friend Zoe

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