Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lego Club and Other Fun School Stuff

Davis got to participate in the Lego club at school this year. They met every other Thursday and built different projects and competed with other friends. He had a great time. Eli, TJ, Parker and Davis were all able to join. Legos are pretty much the single best activity for Davis these days so a club at school was very fun for him.

While the boys were in club, Grayson and I often went to my favorite Coffee Bean for a green tea/chocolate frosty thing date. He is so sweet in one-on-one time. I love this little boy.
One time per semester the Home based learning day is planned by the mom instead of the normal curriculum for the day. This semester one of the moms arranged for us to take a class at the Mac store. Davis was proud that he could already get through the basic computer mechanics and the teacher taught them to make a DVD of a photo slide show. He made a show of our trip to Disneyland.

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