Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Christmas Day

Sadly, I do not have a single photo of Christmas Eve which is the day we spent with the Filleman side of the family - so those will come after I steal them from my father-in-laws camera :)
I love Christmas and my husband and boys all love Christmas. It is very fun and full of memories. The boys had lots of memories this years of traditions we have been establishing and I really enjoy seeing them excited about things they remember from the previous year. We do an advent calendar counting down to Christmas each day in December and it is a favorite. Parker also checked his stocking every morning after we hung them up. He tried to be all sly about it but I would watch him come in the kitchen for breakfast and just tap the outside of his stocking to see if it was empty. So precious.
Christmas morning the boys were very excited to open their stockings. Our tradition is to do stockings and one gift from Mom and Dad at home before heading out to the other houses of family.

If Grayson looks a little bewildered it is because his brothers woke him up after they couldn't wait any longer. He doesn't know quite what the commotion is about just yet!
Parker in his new cowboy get-up. This boys loves to dress up and really loves cowboy stuff.
Sweet buddies in their matching Christmas jams. Two months later I can hardly pull Parker out of these "kitty" jams and he has worn a hole in the bottom of the slippers.
Sporting their new Alaska jammies on Christmas night. They were missing the AK Johnson cousins!!!
Obligatory family picture at Gram's house.

Matt and Nicci looking a whole lot more pulled together than the rest of us. We shall see if they look that nice in a couple years when they have to drag babies out of the house on Christmas morning . . . . :)
All kinds of cousin happiness at Grandma and Papa's house!!! When it was all said and done the boys had a very fun day. Really the routine of spending two days out of the house is just getting easier and easier and much more fun. Davis was super excited about his Lego Police station and his new DS. Parker wanted a pillow pet more than his next breath and he got one so he was thrilled. Grayson couldn't quite process everything but enjoyed lots of new things - probably in particular his new Megablocks dump truck.


AprilJ said...

Oh man. I LOVE the pic of the boys in the kitty pajamas, obviously. So cute!!!! Maybe we'll get a Christmas in AZ one of these years :)

Jenn Saylor said...

Cute pics! Glad to see more posts...can't believe you can remember. I can barely remember this morning.