Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Legoland (and last CA post:)

I feel like I have plugged this place like crazy lately, but it really is so fun. For little, active boys this is an ideal amusement park type place. There is fun rides, splash pads, and lots of different interactive play-gym type areas. My boys could probably never tire of this place. After posing with the Lego man at the entrance, Eli was asking questions about how the lego figures got to be so big. I think it is precious that my very knowledgeable nephew still has an imagination that believed that this guy might be real :)

Parker with Bob the Builder - it really is impressive what they have built out of legos - especially since it can take me forever to assemble something that only kind of resembles a vehicle or house!
The first couple of rides were roller coasters (Davis' favorite - I've had to 'brave up' a lot after having three boys). Grayson was getting so sad that he wasn't big enough to ride. When we got over to the smaller kid area he was so excited to ride the rides.
Uncle Marky was so kind to troop around with us for the day since Mark and Troy were both working. The kids had a great time with him. Isn't my niece Evie just the most angelic, beautiful little thing??!!
Oh yeah, good times at lego land :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beach Fun with Cousins

The boys dug this big hole (courtesy of Jake and Jake:) and were happy to play in here for hours. Picture doesn't do it justice. Parker couldn't even get out without someone pulling him out. It was a seriously deep hole!

Mark said I was taking an endless summer vacation - it was only two weeks - but it really was a great time with the kids and awesome to be out of the heat. I ended up working out a way to stay a couple extra days so I could overlap with my sister. Besides the fact that I got to live with my sis and her kids after not seeing her for weeks - she was in Alaska:( - the kids also got to play on the beach together and take a trip to Legoland. We really didn't have many great beach days because of the unusually cold CA weather so I was glad for those couple of days with the AZ Johnsons.
Me and my boys one of my favorite places - this was our first really nice beach day
Parker would ask me to dig him a "beach chair" = hole in the sand with a bump for a foot rest - ahhh this is the life :)
Mom and Gray
Troy took Evie out to just sit in the water - this looked so peaceful to me - he loves his baby girl :)
Cousin love

Daddy and Grayson taking a walk - lots of Papa bonding time on this trip!
Mom and Parker with her sand castle masterpiece. Davis loved it until she carved a face in the top fitted with sea shell eyes. Then he was so bothered by it he insisted on jumping on the castle. My kid doesn't like anything "clown like" = shocker!! :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

More California Fun

These are not in order and I am sure that most of you are all done seeing California pictures, but I want them all in my album.
We were so blessed to get to spend so much time with my Gram - the boys really love her.
Davis loves the insect exhibit at the San Diego Zoo. He loved it so much he wanted to stay to trek up there even after everyone else was leaving to go to lunch - if you know my kid this means that he really, really likes it because he usually just humors me at the zoo :) Here he is with a huge centipede.
Rachel and I at the zoo
We rented this family bike thing one day to find something to do in the very chilly weather. It was very fun - and pretty hard work since the kids couldn't reach the pedal to 'pull their own weight' :) Every time we walked past one of these for the remainder of the trip Grayson would ask to go for another ride. He loved it.
My sweet, tan little boy

More sweet boys at the zoo

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trip to the Aircraft Carrier

Yesterday we took a trip to the Midway Aircraft Carrier. Big huge ship, Navy planes and helicopters, a flight simulator, planes you could pretend to drive, big open spaces in cool weather = five very happy little boys.
Standing in front of the Midway, getting ready to go inside. When we were buying tickets right here in front of the Midway, Parker said, "Where is it? I don't see the big ship". He thought the boat was a building and didn't realize it was floating on the water until I took him up to the edge.
They liked walking through the living corridors and seeing how the sailors would live/sleep/work on the aircraft carrier. They especially loved being on the flight deck and playing in and around all the aircraft. Those ships really are amazing. It was crazy to think that something that huge had been built in the 1940's and participated in two wars.

We took the boys in a flight simulator that was an actual representation of a battle that happened in the Desert Storm attacks. The technology was not fabulous by any stretch but the boys thought it was awesome. I was a little worried Parker might not like it because he doesn't love loud noises. Not to worry - the kid loved it. Within three seconds of the "take off", Parker was super excited. He kept yelling, "Oh yeah . . rock and roll . . . let's rock this!!" It was cracking me up :)

Fun on the Beach

Sadly, we have yet to see the sun even though we are a week into our trip. The boys have still had a good time on the beach but it never lasts more than an hour or two because it is so chilly down there. I really don't know how they can be in and out of the water when the high is 62 degrees, but they don't seem to notice until we have been out there for a little while. Still hoping for a nice sunny day before we have to leave . . . . . .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Conquering the Coronado 15 K

Before Pictures

After Pictures
I hope this become an annual tradition. It was so much fun and a great way to start off the festivities of the day. Matt putting together an awesome outfit made it even more entertaining. He was fitted with the world's shortest shorts and several flashing reflector bands. It was hilarious. I have to say he was upstaged by many other runners, including the guy in a huge top hat and very tiny flag speedo, so I'm sure he will be inspired to go even crazier the next time. Several miles of the run go through the naval base on the island which is not an area you can usually enter. It was very cool to see the ocean and island from that angle.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

For Father's Day, the boys gave Mark tickets to the Padres game. It was very fun to see the stadium and to go to a game in the beautiful California weather. The boys were so excited. Parker kept asking questions why we were going to "this place" to "watch baseball on t.v." because to him 'watching baseball' is something that he does all the time from home. I don't think he had ever made the connection that he could watch that in person until we were in our seats. Parker loved the food and loved doing the wave. Davis enjoyed it very much. The game didn't have much action until the 8th inning, sadly, but when we got up to leave mid-9th to avoid traffic - he didn't want to leave. They would have loved it even more if it would have been the D-backs. They are big fans!!

Davis, so excited to be at Petco Park
Parker - excited about his seat that goes up and down every time he gets up to get his drink :)
Brothers :)

Happy 4th of July!

Braving the chilly, drizzly weather to watch the parade

Later that night we had a picnic outside and watched the fireworks. Even though it was one of the coldest "4th of July's" that I can remember, the kids had a great time. It is always fun to do traditions like the parade and fireworks because the boys remember them and look forward to doing it again. It is also fun to be in Coronado for the 4th because it is a military town and I love being surrounded by and participating in the patriotism with the boys.