Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy Family

I'm so terribly behind blogging all the events of the past couple of weeks that I am just going to make one post with highlights! It has been a very busy schedule around here lately settling in to the new routine of homeschool/regular school. This week BSF starts for the little boys and myself so we will have even more events for the week . . whew!
First picture is the boys working together on a computer program in the school room. Thanks to the help from some moms at Davis' school (and my very gifted sister) I am learning a good system for homeschool days that is fun and beneficial for each of the boys. Davis is learning a ton and so quickly. I feel very fortunate to get to participate in this with him 2 days a week. If you ask him about his favorite thing about school he will always tell people that chapel is his favorite but I have been surprised to see how much he loves all things math related. He enjoys math tubs and counting or seeing what type of adding/subtracting problems he can build with our magnetic numbers. Parker has also loved the routine and he gets his own folder of activities for the homeschool day. He feels very grown up like his big bro. Grayson doesn't get to participate in "school" too much but he is learning the great lesson of "mat time" which is just good for everyone!!! :)
Soccer started this week and the boys are so excited to have Troy as their coach. Seriously . . SO excited. They think they are super special that their coach is their uncle and since the team isn't very big, it is almost all kids from church which they love too. Parker is so glad that he gets to play this year and wear all the soccer gear.
The whole crew - Jackson, Parker, Emet, Logey, TJ, Davis, "little girl I can't remember", Zoe and Lincoln (I think)
Yeah for having your buddies on the team :)

I know I have mentioned before that it is not uncommon to go in and find Grayson all mangled up in his pj's in the morning. The other day I went in and found him like this . . . and all his clothes and animals outside the crib like this. It appears he got naked, cleaned out the crib, and then fell back to sleep while reading! Ah, classic Geebee.

I turned thirty this year - ugh. Not much to say about that except that thirty feels very old to me and in my head I am still 23. My great husband planned a surprise overnight in Las Vegas and we had so much fun. It felt very fast, but ANY time (even a short time) to get away and be by ourselves is priceless to me. We did a ton of walking, talked for hours without being interrupted, did whatever we felt like instead of picking the time that worked best for nap schedules, ate amazing food (probably still at "kids in the restaurant lightening speed" - bad habits die hard) and relaxed all before jumping on the plane to come back home to our sweet little boys. I think we might have taken some pictures in Vegas on our phones so maybe that will get one more post. I have definitely been very blessed in my thirty years.

Finally, a random "hat day" photo - Davis and Eli before school.